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SmartXtructure SBO Workstation or BACnet Course

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10 Day SmartStruxture Building Operation (SBO) and BACnet B3 Training


November 7-11, 14-18 2016


COST $1100 Covers a Single Week SBO Workstation Or BACnet B3

Enterprise Automation and SmartX Controller Training Overview

Work Station Training

WorkStation is a fully featured environment for operating and administering all aspects of the software. WorkStation is the window through which users can monitor their energy usage and continuously improve their building’s efficiency.
WorkStation is the interface where users and engineers access their Automation Servers and Enterprise Servers. You can view and manage graphics, alarms, scheduling, trend logs, and reports. Along with the graphics and programming editors, engineers can configure and maintain all aspects of the StruxureWare Building Operation (SBO) software.

This training will equip the users with the necessary knowledge to install and program devices in an enterprise environment.

Automation Server Training

Automation Server (AS) is a hardware-based server that is factory programmed with StruxureWare Building Operation software. In a small installation, the embedded Automation Server acts as a stand-alone server, mounted with its I/O modules in a small footprint. In medium and large installations, functionality is distributed over multiple Automation Servers that communicate over TCP/IP.

Capable of coordinating traffic from above and below its location, the Automation Server can deliver data directly to you or to other servers throughout the site. The Automation Server can run multiple control programs, manage local I/O, alarms, and users, handle scheduling and logging, and communicate using a variety of protocols. Because of this, most parts of the system function autonomously and will continue to run as a whole even if communication fails or individual servers or devices go offline. 
One of the cornerstones of StruxureWare Building Operation is support for open standards.

BACnet B3

BACnet B3 will also be taught during this training program by Schneider.The course will cover the guideline required for the configuration of RS-485 communications between the Automation Server and b3 BACnet devices. The information taught focuses on the arrangement of the electrical interface to the Automation Server RS-485 port in regards to biasing, termination, cable selection, cable lengths, and cable routing.


General b3 BACnet Device Properties

The b3 BACnet devices provide a RS-485 transceiver with unit load rating of 0.125. With consideration only for the transceiver unit load, the 0.125 unit load rating would indicate up to 256 units (32/0.125) could be attached to a single RS-485 network wire segment. The b3 BACnet devices include an on-board bias resistor of 47 kohm on the A+ and B- bus signals. This 47 kohm resistance presents an additional unit load of 0.255 that makes each of the devices have an aggregate unit load of 0.38.

Automation Server to b3 BACnet Device Configuration

The Automation Server configuration for the b3 BACnet devices is simply the addition of a 120 ohm (1/4W 1%) termination resistor across the A+ and B- signal pair, if the Automation Server is located at the end of the bus.

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